Bringing You Quality Care

Learn how daycares give us extra peace of mind when it comes to the health and safety of our children.


Only licensed daycares
All of our daycares are licensed by the State of California. This means a few great things from the beginning. First, licensed daycares need to meet strict requirements in health and training and have clear background checks (among many things) to even get started. Then, they’re subject to unannounced visits by licensing throughout the life of their daycare.

Monitored licensing reports
Importantly, we monitor all licensing reports to make sure none of our daycares have serious citations that compromise on safety (daycares can get citations for not having all the right forms for each child, which is why we help you fill those out too).

Families watching out for each other
Also, because daycares are caring for children each day, there are a lot of parents going in and out (and even kids that are old enough to talk about their day), so many people are making sure that all the kids are safe and happy. It’s yet another perk of being a part of a village!

Here’s a list of just some of the things that are in place to make sure our kids are getting quality care.

All of our daycares and preschools:

  • Are licensed by the State of California’s Department of Social Services.
  • Are subject to unannounced visits by licensing.
  • Have completed at least 15 hours of training on preventative health practices including Pediatric CPR and pediatric first aid.
  • Have criminal record clearance (background checks) on provider and anyone working and living in the home.
  • Have fire safety clearance approved by city or county fire department as large family daycares, or have working fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in good working conditions as small family daycares.
  • Maintain state staff-to-child ratio and capacity.
  • Have age appropriate toys and activities.
  • Have adequate outdoor area.
  • Follow immunization requirements.
Support mom-lead businesses
Finally, many daycares are owned and operated by mothers and grandmothers who are working hard to share their love with us while supporting their own families too. So when you book with a daycare, you know that you're giving an extra boost to the wondrful people who have been taking care of us all this time.