Mi Escuelita
Cupertino, CA 95014 LIC # 434414727
  • About
    Welcome to Mi Escuelita

    What we do?

    We welcome multicultural diversity in a bilingual setting. Our approach engages children to learning key fundamentals across the major developmental areas.

    Language & Cognitive Development
    Spanish language immersion

    Physical Health & Well- Being Development
    Gross motor skills
    Fine motor skills
    Sensory stimulation
    LOTS of outdoor play

    Emotional Development
    Learn to name feelings
    Learn to identify facial expressions
    Learn to verbalize own feelings

    Social Competence Development
    Conflict/problem solving
    Interpersonal development through books
    Model acceptable/alternative behavior

    With rich diversity in art, music, and dramatic play, we do our best to ensure that everything we do will prepare your child for school.
  • Pricing Options
    Full days rate: $100 (13 hours)
    Half day rate: $92.22 (6.5 hours)
  • Daily Schedule
    8am-8:30am Breakfast time
    8:30am-9:30am Play outside
    9:30am-10am Music time
    10am-10:30am Snack time
    10:30am-11am Circle time
    11am-11:30am Art
    11:30am-12pm Play outside
    12pm-12:30pm Lunch time
    12:30pm-2pm Nap time
    2pm-2:30pm Snack time
    2:30pm-3pm Storytime
    3pm-3:30pm Art outside
    3:30pm-4:30pm Play outside
    4:30pm-5pm Science time
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    What is your philosophy?

    At Mi Escuelita we use a play-based developmental program, that is tailored to students needs and developmental stage.

    Our program uses developmentally appropriate curriculum, that takes into account student’s skills, abilities, interests, and future projection to further their progression with as much natural ease as possible.

    We want to create a stress free environment and foster a love of life long learning. We want the whole child to grow and have strong success in key developmental areas.
  • Policies
    Children should be picked up by 7pm.

    For illnesses, please see Roovillage's sick policy.
  • Things to Bring
    - Immunization records
    - Admission forms (In your profile, go to Reservations and click on the reservation to see forms.)
    - Diapers
    - Wipes
    - Change of clothes
    - Formula, breastmilk
    - Meals and snacks will be provided