Warm Hugs Day Care
San Mateo, CA 94401 LIC # 414004079
  • About
    "Kids should be kids!" That's our motto.!

    And in keeping with our motto, we provide a fun and active environment for your children to learn, play, and have fun!
  • Pricing Options
    Signed contract rate $85 per day pt/ft

    Drop in rate: $100
    Please don't drop off your child between 1pm and 3:30pm (children are napping)
  • Daily Schedule

    8-9 am: Drop off/Free play/breakfast
    9-10:30: 2nap group nap time
    9-9:30: Big kids learning time
    (MWF English. TTh Spanish)
    9:30-10: Snack and art project
    10-12:15: Outside time
    (littles come after nap)
    12:20: Lunch time
    1-3:30: Universal nap/quiet time
    3:45: Snack time
    4:15-5/5:30: Music and pick up begins
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Will my child cry while adjusting?
    Some do and some don’t. We make sure to give extra attention to kids that are learning and settling in. Quickly they will get right in and play and move from activity to activity and fit right in.

    What kinds of foods do you serve?
    I cook homemade meals that are proven to be loved by kids. Minestrone, veggie soup, pulled chicken and veggies, pasta, lentils, beans and rice, veggie quinoa, turkey soup , etc etc. I make sure there are a lot of fruits and veggies regularly.

    How much outside time do the kids get?
    We get them out for over 2 hours everyday. The beauty of day care is that we can alter the schedule to get them out earlier or later depending on the weather so they don’t miss out unless the weather is extreme.

    What if my child won’t nap?
    We rately have a child that won’t nap. They are kept busy learning and playing! But fir the child that won’t nap, we encourage wuiet time. Either laying in quiet or looking at books so their minds and body get a rest.

    Can I pick up around 2?
    The 1-3 nap time is so precious! We encourage appointments to be made around this time or your child to be picked up before nap time. We would like early pick up time to be around 3:45/4. This way your child has played, learned, slept, eaten and is ready for you to just love and enjoy. Of course if you must on occasion pick up during nap time we will accomodate.

    Do I pay if My child comes half a day or not at all?
    Yes, the day is reserved for you if you use it or not like school.
  • Policies
    Warm Hugs Daycare may terminate agreement with a 24 hour notice, with cause.

    Warm Hugs Daycare must be notified in advance if a parent will be late in dropping off or early picking up a child. Regular delay fines of $20 per 15 minutes after 5:30pm.

    Child must be clean and fully dressed upon arrival.

    Warm Hugs Daycare will be notified of the reason for a child’s absence from care before the agreed upon hours are to commence, the charge will not be reduced for absence; and make up days are not provided.

    A regular charge will be made for the following holidays: (No daycare attendance) January 1st, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, July 4th,Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day & Day after, December 24th through December 31st. (When honored holidays occur on a weekend, Warm Hugs Daycare reserves the right to a paid day off during that week.)

    Warm Hugs is allowed to take 4 additional days off during the year for miscellaneous reasons. You will be notified of these dates in advanced.

    The parent will pay a regular fee for any vacation days taken.

    Warm Hugs Daycare may choose to take 2 weeks vacation per year, with Full payment of regular weekly charge to parents. Should provider decide to take a third week of vacation it will be at no cost to the parent.

    For your child’s well being, as well as that of other children; all immunizations proper to the child’s age must be current.

    Accidents happen. If you child removes their diaper in the pack n play and it has poop in it. You are responsible for immediately picking up your child and are responsible for $50 to Warm Hugs for the purchase of a new pack n play or will provide us with a new pack n play. This is for sanitation purposes.

    Sick Policy
    We use Roovillage's sick policy, which is also used in public preschools in our area.
  • Things to Bring
    - Immunization records
    - Admission forms (In your profile, go to Reservations and click on the reservation to see forms.)
    - Formula/ breast milk
    - Change o clothes
    - Lovey