Joan's Family Day Care
Redwood City, CA 94063 LIC # 414002741
  • About
    I believe that quality early care and education is a partnership between parents and providers. At Joan's family daycare, it is my mission and my responsibility to partner with the parents/guardians, and to provide infants and toddlers with age and developmentally appropriate activities and materials in a safe and loving environment where they are free to learn and grow.

    Joan's Family Daycare is based on learning and playing program. I believe that at this developing stage, the first three years of a child's life are the most important years of their life. I wish to give your child the opportunity to explore and grow, create and discover, build relationships with his or her peers and become a confident leader.

    I love children, they bring joy in my life that is matched with no other. I have done this sort of work in one way or another all my life. I am experienced and hope to keep learning. I want to see the children flourish into little beings.


    Established in 1990.

    My daycare business began in San Jose, California. A few years later we migrated up north to Belmont, California. And three years ago, after purchasing my first home, we now reside in Redwood City, California.

    Meet the Business Owner
    Joan Bonello brings her experience all the way from her motherland of Malta. She was raised in a home of seven siblings that come from strong morals and values that she continues to instill in all the children that come to her daycare.

    Today, Joan is married to her loving husband, Joe and is a mother to three amazing girls: phaedra, Janice, and Sharlice.
  • Pricing Options
    Full day rate: $111.11
    Half day rate: $61.11

    Rates are the same for infants and older children.
  • Daily Schedule
    7am-8am Breakfast time
    8am-9am Free play time
    9am-10am Circle time
    10am-10:30am Reading time
    10:30am-11:30am Arts & crafts
    11:30am-12pm Music time
    12pm-12:30pm Lunch time
    12:30pm-1pm Free play time
    1pm-3:30pm Nap time
    3:30pm-4pm Snack time
    4pm-5pm Outdoor play
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Do you provide care for nights and weekends?
    Yes. We give primary care 24/7. Nights and weekends are welcome.
  • Policies
    Children should be picked up by 6pm.

    For illnesses, see Roovillage's sick policy. We also accept children with mild symptoms if they have a doctor's note.
  • Things to Bring
    - Immunization records
    - Admission forms (In your profile, go to Reservations and click on the reservation to see forms.)
    - Diapers
    - Diaper cream (wipes are provided)
    - Meals (small snacks are provided, including whole milk)
    - Change of clothes
    - Formula or breastmilk
    - Completed and printed registration forms (your provider will also have access to the forms, but we recommend taking them for backup.)