Itsy Bitsy Daycare
Redwood City, CA 94063 LIC # 414002916
  • About
    Welcome to my loving family daycare home. Martha’s Home Daycare/Itsy Bitsy Daycare was established in June of 2005. We serve children from newborn to 3.5 years of age.

    Martha’s Home Daycare/Itsy Bitsy Daycare meets the needs of infants and toddlers by providing them with an opportunity to promote sound growth in a period of rapid development. The environment is designed to encourage the physical, social cognitive and emotional development of each child.

    My philosophy is based on love and respect for each child as an individual. My home is a place where young children learn to get along with others of various ages and capabilities. All of the equipment is age appropriate. It is also a place that is designed specially to provide a loving, safe, healthy, learning, and developmentally appropriate environment for young children.

    I have a large safe home that has been set up for the children with housekeeping, music, blocks, books, entertainment and manipulative area. The backyard is completely fenced and has appropriate toys and equipment for the children.
  • Pricing Options
    20 months and older
    Full day: $85 per day
    Hourly: $15/ hour
  • Daily Schedule
    Group activity
    Outdoor play
    Change diapers
    Wake up
    Outdoor play
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Do you provide meals and snacks?

    I provide breakfast between eight (8:00) a.m. and eight thirty (8:30) a.m. and lunch between eleven thirty (11:30) a.m. and twelve thirty (12:30) p.m. and an afternoon snack. I make every effort to provide enjoyable and nutritious meals, which are encouraged, but not forced to eat. I have found that infants are happier if they are given a bottle before coming to daycare. If your child is on a special diet or is allergic to any foods. I will be happy to discuss alternative arrangements. Should your child arrive later than the meal times it is your responsibility to feed your child before they are dropped off.

    For infants, I ask you provide me with your choice of formula or breast milk. Daily clean bottles need to be provided every day. They will be returned at the end of day at pick up.

    How to prepare: Clothing, supplies, and toys

    Children are to arrive clean and dressed for play. Please bring your child to daycare with either a sweater or jacket and please see that he/she is dressed appropriately for the weather we are having. Shoes a must!

    Your child will have his/her own cubby to keep his/her things in. I ask that you keep a complete set of extra clothing, including socks and underwear. Please put their name on all clothing items and place them in their cubby. If your child is in diapers, please keep at least one week worth of diapers and ointment in his/her cubby. The children that are going through potty training my need more than one change of clothing.

    Should your child use a pacifier, please make sure to provide a second pacifier in his/her cubby. All pacifiers should be cleaned and checked for weakness each day before coming to daycare. If your child should bring toys from home for show and tell, please be aware that I am not responsible for there condition or return. Please see that your child does not bring candy, gum, money or small toys to daycare as these items can be hazardous to the younger children.
  • Policies
    Children’s Welfare Policy/Emergency

    All possible care is taken to provide a safe and healthy environment; however, children do have accidents. I am certified in Pediatric CPR and First Aid. In case of an emergency: I will tend to our child, call 911, and notify parent(s). Your child will be taken to the nearest hospital if that becomes necessary. If I cannot transport, an ambulance will transport your child possibly unaccompanied by me. I cannot always leave the children in the care of an assistant. It is incumbent upon to check with the hospital emergency room to find out what kind of forms they require to be on file for treatment in case of parental absence. The parent is solely responsible for any and all charges associated with an accident.

    By law, I am mandated to report suspected child abuse. While your child’s welfare will always come first, I will consult with you if possible, before taking action. Please understand that I have few choices.

    Any person picking up your child in an impaired condition (in my estimation) will be encouraged to allow me to find alternate transportation. I cannot legally withhold a child from a legal guardian, but if I fell a child is in jeopardy, I will not hesitate to contact the local law enforcement.


    No person, unless previously authorized, will be allowed to remove your child from family daycare. If for some reason you find it necessary to have someone else pick up our child, you must let me know naming the person who will pick up your child or you must call me in advance to inform me. Any person not specifically listed on the enrollment from will not be allowed to pick up your child.


    Parents are responsible for damage to property valued at $100.00 or more (i.e. breaking of windows, furniture damage). This does not include toys that the children play with, however, if your child repeatedly breaks toys we will need to discuss the behavior and you may be asked to replace the broken toys.
  • Things to Bring
    - Immunization Records
    - Admission forms (In your profile, go to Reservations and click on the reservation to see forms.)
    - Diapers
    - Formula/Breast milk
    - Change of clothes