Families: Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I send my child to daycare?
Daycares and preschools are regulated so you can find extra peace of mind that qualifed professionals are caring for your children. To become licensed, providers need to complete child development and health courses, go through extensive background checks, and have their facility inspected regularaly. In addition, daycares are trusted by other parents and filled with activities and playmates for your children. Learn more.

Do I need to complete my child's entire profile before I can make a reservation?
No. If you're rushed, you can book a spot after adding your child's name and birthday. Just remember to complete the profile before you drop off your child, so your provider has the necessary forms that are required in California. Click here to learn more about getting started

Where is the address for the daycares?
You will be able to see the complete address after you make a reservation and click on the record of the reservation. We do this to protecty the privacy of providers who care for children at their homes and for the safety of their children. However, you can also message them through our website to get their address. The maps on our website also provide a close estimate of where they are located to help you with your planning.

What's Roovillage's cancellation policy?
You may cancel a reservation up to 48 hours before the start date and receive a full refund. You cannot get a refund once you're within 48 hours of the reservation date. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns.

What is Roovillage’s general sick policy?
We follow the same policy that most public preschools follow. You can learn more about it here

What admission forms do I need to complete?
Daycares and preschools must have these following forms for each child that's enrolled. You can fill out core forms by completing your child's Roovillage profile. We've streamlined the process and save information for future bookings, so you save time and only need to do it once! If you prefer, you're welcome to download the PDF forms and complete them manually too.

Where do I find my child's completed admission forms?
You can see the forms once you book a reservation and click on the record of that reservation.  If you need to fix information in the forms, we recommend downloading it to your computer, revising it, and taking them to your provider. Thank you for your patience as we work on improving our forms center.

What is the difference between a family child care home and a child care center?
Family child care is care that is provided in the home of the licensee (Daycare Provider). A provider can be licensed for a Large Family Child Care (up to 14 children) or a Small Family Child Care (up to 8 children). In contrast, a Child Care Center provides care at a separate facility outside of a home, usually in a commerical buidling. Child Care Centers typically require Physician's Reports, so you may need to plan in advance. Check your provider's profile or contact them for more details.